I am back!!


Hello again!!!!

It has been a long time but I am back! Lots of things have happened. I got a job, then I lost the job, then I went back to University and I got a kitty I rescued called Zakk! So that was to sum up. 🙂


Oh and I got into the Open Mic Uk Regional Final 😀

SAMCRO Intelligence – Gemma Teller Marrow

Gemma Teller Morrow

Gemma Teller Morrow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




SAMCRO Intelligence







Gemma Teller Marrow







AKA  Old lady




Faction SAMCRO




Status  Alive




Partner   John teller (Deceased) / Clay Marrow (Ass Hole)



Offspring  Jackson Teller / Thomas Teller





Grandchildren  Abel Teller / Thomas Teller JR.






Parents  Nate Madock / Rose Madock




Actor Katey Segal








Gemma is known as the ‘Old Lady’, the mother of the club, the mother of Jax Teller (aka Jackson), born 1978, and wife to the former president Clay Marrow. She has a Jewish background, and is from Irish and Russian decent.















Gemma is a highly unpredictable and dangerous woman. She has been wanted for murder, kidnap and her involvement with the club that is in dealings with illegal substances and firearms.





Gemma was formally married to John Teller (deceased). We don’t know much about John Teller, but we do know he was the original president and the down turn started just before his death. He was hit by a truck in 1993.





We also know that Gemma had another son, Thomas teller, born 1984 who also died in 1990.This is because Gemma has a generic heart disorder that was passed to her two children, unfortunately resulting in the death of Thomas.






Approach with caution, she has a firearm at all times, and will even use a skateboard to attack you.












Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Update. Casting and Air Date.

Jimmy Smits at the 2007 Toronto International ...

Jimmy Smits at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The new season will premier in September 2012. It’s still going through the scripting and filming process, but what I can tell you is Jimmy Smits, will be playing the new character Chuck Zito, a nomad. Smits has been in other programmes such as Dexter, The West Wing, L.A Law and NYPD Blue.


I have to say I am excited to see him in the sons. He was fantastic in Dexter!!


I can also tell you that the premiere episode is titled Sovereign. And that Chuck Zito is a latino gang member who inspires and helps Jax.


Harold Perrineau joined in early May as the character Damon Pope, the new bad guy! Finally Ashley Tisdale is rumoured to be playing a new sexy escort.



Lord of the Rings Online

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria

The Lord of the Rings Online: Mines of Moria (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO) is an RPG. It’s a questing game with great graphics and the whole world to discover to the book. You meet all the characters, such as Strider and Gandalf. You can join fellowships, kinships and even create your own. You can even purchase yourself a home in any of the lands. I prefer Bree. And yes when I say Bree you can visit The Prancing Pony. I told you it is all there.

I am soon to be lvl 20 so I can get a horse, cas running everywhere can be a real pain! But despite this I always enjoy killing all the Orcs, Goblins and Brigands. FUN FUN FUN!!!

I rate this game 9 out of 10 pasty’s.

Oh and did I mention it’s free? Go download it now from the LOTRO website. Let us know what you think.

My character is Morganhain. I am leader of the kinship Devonshire Dumplings. Add and join if you wish! See you soon!

(This guy talks really fast but it does have useful info :D)

Rabbit / Bunny Care, Hints and Tips The Intro

First of all, let me introduce to you my furry friends, Poppy Netherlands dwarf X mini lop. Her colourings are black, white and peach.

She is the older of the two, and at 5 months old adopted her sister Oona who I will show to you in a minute.

First day home in her new cage.

So now we move to Oona. When i found her in a pet shop, she was depressed, un able to move and looked like she was going to die. But after lots of looking after and a big adopted sister poppy, this is what happened.


she lovers her tummy and cheeks tickled

so fluffy

happy together

Poppy and Oona are still living happily. And due to poor Oonas lack of care before i rescued her, she unfortunately stuffs her face as she is scared she wont see food again. Poor bunny. However Poppy tells her off when she eats her share.

When they do fight, me and Jamie split them up, it does result in a few bites but as soon as we do, they go back to cuddling and grooming each other like it never happened. Silly girls.

But what can you do?

So this is just the introduction for you. Im going to be adding all the info you need soon to help you out with bunny care, housing tips, etc.