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The Avengers

Great fun action packed film. Great to see the contrast in characters on the screen. Very entertaining! Reccomend you watch it in 3D. The only issue I had with this film is that I didnt want it to end. Check it out. I rate it 7 pastys.


About cornishpasty1990

Hello, Im a BA(Hon) Performing arts student, studying at the University of Chichester. Im crazy about TV, Film and Music. My main aim here is to give out both new and old entertainment the credit it deserves! Plus it saves you the hard work of knowing what to get out and check out.

2 responses to “The Avengers

  1. James Daly ⋅

    I quite liked this. Not such a fan of the superhero genre, but some fantastic animation and suchlike. If I hadn;t been so tired I might even have managed to stay awake through it too.

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