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The Cabin In The Woods 2012

It is not the common horror film. Its not a cliche at all. It will have you crying with laughter and then jumping like crazy out of your seat!
This is pure genius, but I cant give too much away. You just have to trust me on this and go see it. The trailer makes it look bad but its not at all. Go for it! I rate 10 pastys


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Hello, Im a BA(Hon) Performing arts student, studying at the University of Chichester. Im crazy about TV, Film and Music. My main aim here is to give out both new and old entertainment the credit it deserves! Plus it saves you the hard work of knowing what to get out and check out.

3 responses to “The Cabin In The Woods 2012

  1. James Daly ⋅

    I’m by no means a huge of horror – I mean, isn’t all just cliche nowadays? Not only that, but horror afficianados seem to judge horror how other people judge porn – the hardcore the better – with little regard for much else.

    Cabin in the Woods, however, is perhaps different in that it is both a parody of boring, staid horror on the one hand; and a definite attempt to buck the trend on the other. It manages both for 90% of the film, only to revert to type near the end when the monsters are released, cue mindless blood and gore that has ittle purpose other than sating the mindless horror pervs.

    However Whedon deserves an honourable mention for at least trying to make what is a predictable and cliched genre at least tolerable for one viewer with an allergy to horror.

    • Sarah Cornish ⋅

      But the crazy ending was over done as part of the joke James. You only say that cas you were terrified. lol. But at the same time I get what you mean. But hey people go check it out. I want to hear what you think about this!

  2. Sarah Cornish ⋅

    Honestly I think this film is very clever with the correct amounts of comedy, horror and parody at the best moments. This film is changing the horror industry as we now know it!

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