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True Blood

This is a rate as a whole before season 5 airs. Got to say I am hooked. If you have read the books and loved them, you have to see the show. There are some differences, and to be honest I prefer it to the books with the decisions they made. That probably has allot to do with the fact that I am dyslexic.

The plots, twists and turns make you addicted, so be aware of that unless you have time to kill. The characters are fantastic and there is hot eye candy both sides. Aswell as allot of comedy it also refelcts the problems that society has on culture and origin. It has a serious message that underlines it. Fantastic!

There is allot of violence, blood, guts and porn. But there is also love, kindness and friendship in contrast.

If you are up for something to watch that will grip you from the start then True Blood is for you. Its my fave TV show. HBO have done themselves very proud. Lets not also forget the eye candy on both sides.

I will however suggest to watch it from the very start. Its worth it and it helps with the story.

I rate an easy 10 pastys


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