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The Vampire Diaries Seasons 1 to 3 Review

Ok, The Vampire Diaries. It’s a self explanatory name. To start with I didn’t like it at all. The first few episodes were very dream teen and there was a caleche plot. However I’m glad I stuck with it. The plots, twists and turns have honestly kept me hooked. Like allot of vamp stories there is a love triangle, blood lust and violence. As much as I like TVD, It’s know True Blood! If you like twilight you will like this. TVD has a much better thought provoking storyline and I never know whats going to happen next. That’s why I like it. If you have not seen it yet then I really recommend you start at the start else you will have absolutely no idea what the hell is happening.

So I have just one more episode to watch of season three and its exciting me. I obviously can’t say too much about the show for people visiting, thinking about watching yet.  So if anybody wants to comment some spoilers feel free.

Over all I rate TVD 6 Pastys! It’s not too bad.


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