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Dexter (Plus Season 8)


Dexter-1-1024 (Photo credit: Adam Crowe)

There is allot to be said about Dexter. It explores the rights and wrongs of life with the emotional understanding and minds of  the serial killer, autism and schizophrenic origins.

It’s a mind boggle of a journey to watch. At parts I found myself disliking Dexter but then he slowly became a hero.

For those who have not seen it you don’t have to watch it from the beginning but it would help in understanding the complex characters that are in this programme.

It’s the most complex series I have ever seen on TV. It is gripping, violent, passionate, humourous and a real tear lurker. In just 3 weeks I watched all seven series. And I cannot wait until the next.

The new series wont be out until the end of the year, or maybe early next. There is no definite answer as of yet!

Have any spoilers? Feel free to share.


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