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Sons of Anarchy Season 5

Pilot (Sons of Anarchy)

Pilot (Sons of Anarchy) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club

Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sons Of Anarchy season 5 is currently in production and will premiere in September 2012. As far as I am aware there is no exact release date yet, but we can expect allot more drama within the club.

For those who have not seen the series so far its best to start from the beginning. Sons of Anarchy is a drama about a motorcycle club stuck in a loop of crime. The character Jax wants to find a way to make the club have a good reputation after reading the journal of his murdered father, murdered non other than his step father as we find out in season 4.

So what can we expect in the new season?

Well we know the father son relationship between Clay and Jax is only going to get more raw, and I don’t no about you, but I want the club to put Clay in the trash where he belongs.

However i doubt it will happen anytime soon, as he is needed in dealership for under cover agents/cops.

I honestly have no idea whats going to happen next, but if you do have any spoilers do share them below. But make sure you headline it as a spoiler first. 😀





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