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Rabbit / Bunny Care, Hints and Tips The Intro

First of all, let me introduce to you my furry friends, Poppy Netherlands dwarf X mini lop. Her colourings are black, white and peach.

She is the older of the two, and at 5 months old adopted her sister Oona who I will show to you in a minute.

First day home in her new cage.

So now we move to Oona. When i found her in a pet shop, she was depressed, un able to move and looked like she was going to die. But after lots of looking after and a big adopted sister poppy, this is what happened.


she lovers her tummy and cheeks tickled

so fluffy

happy together

Poppy and Oona are still living happily. And due to poor Oonas lack of care before i rescued her, she unfortunately stuffs her face as she is scared she wont see food again. Poor bunny. However Poppy tells her off when she eats her share.

When they do fight, me and Jamie split them up, it does result in a few bites but as soon as we do, they go back to cuddling and grooming each other like it never happened. Silly girls.

But what can you do?

So this is just the introduction for you. Im going to be adding all the info you need soon to help you out with bunny care, housing tips, etc.


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4 responses to “Rabbit / Bunny Care, Hints and Tips The Intro

  1. James Daly ⋅

    they are two lovely nanimals

  2. Anne Bonney ⋅


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