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Sons of Anarchy Season 5 Update. Casting and Air Date.

Jimmy Smits at the 2007 Toronto International ...

Jimmy Smits at the 2007 Toronto International Film Festival (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The new season will premier in September 2012. It’s still going through the scripting and filming process, but what I can tell you is Jimmy Smits, will be playing the new character Chuck Zito, a nomad. Smits has been in other programmes such as Dexter, The West Wing, L.A Law and NYPD Blue.


I have to say I am excited to see him in the sons. He was fantastic in Dexter!!


I can also tell you that the premiere episode is titled Sovereign. And that Chuck Zito is a latino gang member who inspires and helps Jax.


Harold Perrineau joined in early May as the character Damon Pope, the new bad guy! Finally Ashley Tisdale is rumoured to be playing a new sexy escort.




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