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SAMCRO Intelligence – Gemma Teller Marrow

Gemma Teller Morrow

Gemma Teller Morrow (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




SAMCRO Intelligence







Gemma Teller Marrow







AKA  Old lady




Faction SAMCRO




Status  Alive




Partner   John teller (Deceased) / Clay Marrow (Ass Hole)



Offspring  Jackson Teller / Thomas Teller





Grandchildren  Abel Teller / Thomas Teller JR.






Parents  Nate Madock / Rose Madock




Actor Katey Segal








Gemma is known as the ‘Old Lady’, the mother of the club, the mother of Jax Teller (aka Jackson), born 1978, and wife to the former president Clay Marrow. She has a Jewish background, and is from Irish and Russian decent.















Gemma is a highly unpredictable and dangerous woman. She has been wanted for murder, kidnap and her involvement with the club that is in dealings with illegal substances and firearms.





Gemma was formally married to John Teller (deceased). We don’t know much about John Teller, but we do know he was the original president and the down turn started just before his death. He was hit by a truck in 1993.





We also know that Gemma had another son, Thomas teller, born 1984 who also died in 1990.This is because Gemma has a generic heart disorder that was passed to her two children, unfortunately resulting in the death of Thomas.






Approach with caution, she has a firearm at all times, and will even use a skateboard to attack you.













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