About Moi

Hello folks!

Welcome to the amazing world of entertainment. Something I can proudly say im addicted to. I started this blog after my partner James Daly had introduced me (well ages ago, but I only just got around to it). He has a history blog here and if your into that then check it out. I can honestly say its brilliant. Also I think its a great oppotunity to kick in some fantastic shiz that you need to get into! Seriously!

Boring stuff about me now,

Im a BA(Hons) student at the University of Chichester doing performing arts. I really enjoy singing and looking after as many cute animals as possible. I absolutly love the Japanese culture since I met my best friend Nana nearly 2 years ago. Go girl! I play bass guitar, Irish drum and piano. I hope one day I shall get to have the hard yet rewarding career of making films/movies.

Born in Cornwall, surnames Cornish. Jokes on me I guess!

And thats all you need to know for now. 😀


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